Sara Chechik Remembrance

Haven’t posted much here lately, really haven’t had much time, haven’t had much new content to share,  but more truthfully haven’t had much desire.

My sister-in-law Sara Chechik was battling  her long fight with cancer.  It was a rare  type of cancer which produces cysts that  attached themselves on her liver.  She had been through numerous doctors, trips to medical facilities, three trips to Germany for specialized radiation treatments,  open heart surgery to replace valves damaged by the tumors secretions.Firewomen Sonya and Sara I saw Joel kissing Sara Claus Lucy on the sofa with Sara Sara and Joel #3 Sara and the Saldo

And then the final long agonizing wait in Miami,  away from her children, dog, friends and her home  in Minneapolis  to wait for her chance to live on;  transplant of her liver, stomach, small and large intestine.  It took over 8 months of being on the wait list and many trials to get the transplant.   She come out of surgery wonderfully, she said she felt better immediately than she had in years and was discharged to her temporary Miami “home” within two weeks of the surgery.

But it was all to be a bitter tease.  She began to feel weak and ill about a week later and it turned out she was battling graph versus host disease that can happen with major transplants like this.   She fought it hard and looked like several times she could turn the corner.  But at last it become apparent there were too many things to fight at one time and the graph vs. host had come back and she had no reserves left to continue to fight, a fight that couldn’t be won.

We’ll miss you Sara.  Miss you bad.   But you touched so many during your life, as it seems to be  so often with those with those taken from us in what seems to be way too soon.  But we’ll remember  you for always until our mortal ends when we’ll join you on the other side.

You were a rare beauty.   God bless you.

Love Larry



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