Two Names, 9/11 Remembrance

Two names, two victims of terror, together  911 MemorialTwo names from a photo I took to get the full expanse of the 9/11 memorial South Tower.  No idea who they were until I did a little research,  Here is what I found:


Eli Chalouh –

Eli Chalouh was an employee of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance in the World Trade Center. He was 23 years old. He came to the United States with his family from Syria when he was 14. He had graduated from Long Island University in 2001. Eli was a member of the Long Island University Honor Society, and was named Outstanding Accounting Student of 2001 by the University staff.

Eager to make his way in this world, he was a kind soul, who spoke Arabic, and English, and learned Hebrew in Brooklyn. Eli filled his far too short 23 years seeking to better himself, and to help those around him.

“Whatever you asked him he would do, and whatever you wouldn’t ask, he would volunteer to do,” said a supervisor at work, Eddie Jaeger. “He was an unbelievably nice kid.

J(Y)aphet Jesse Aryee –

Yaphet J. Aryee was the person everyone went to for advice. “He was born in Ghana so he was the expert on that,” said Ely Yulman, who worked with Mr. Aryee as an auditor with the State Division of Taxation and Finance, on the 86th floor of 2 World Trade Center. “He made his furniture when he got married, so people asked him how to fix the stairs in their house, or how to fix the engine in their car. But first of all, he was the smartest corporate tax auditor in the department. Millions and millions he brought in.”

Like many other new immigrants, Mr. Aryee, 49, drove a cab when he first arrived in New York as a young man; hacking paid for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Adelphi University. He and his wife, Maria, moved to Rockland County to raise their four children.

But Mr. Aryee never forgot his taxi, and in August he bought his own cab so he could begin driving again. “Only on weekends,” Mr. Yulman said. “It was his hobby.”

Two random names, two stories cut short, two of too many that died that day 12 years ago.  Two men, one from Syria and one from Ghana that came to live and meet their end in NYC.  The terrorists that day didn’t come to attack  just the US, they attacked the World.

Never forget.





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