Theme of the Month: September 2012, My Niece Lucy Kickalot

Took some time off the bike trials and went to see my niece’s soccer game and pulled a groin muscle watching her kick the ball… a lot.  Also some people A Lucy boot Ewwww the soccer ball has kooties Lucy winds up Lucy with a sudden right merge On this kick I pulled my groin muscle Student Body right, fans from SW HS, at South HS soccer game the animated crowd Tight formation was not the bands strong suit Yellow flag type hit... .ahemstudies while taking in the action.  September 8th, 2012.


About donnphoto

Photographer, writer, manufacturer's rep. Specialize in fine art, travel and architectural photography. Writing a fictional novel (see Ballbrakker links) and music lyrics. Sell commercial interior building products. Play golf poorly.
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