New Website, Best of Donnphoto 2012 and news on the demise of Webshots

I am working on my new website through and the current website link is   www.  but I will hopefully have it under soon.   Though the new website won’t be as  Flashy (literally since I won’t be using Adobe flash programming) it will be more practical so you can see more content in thumbnails and also I will have a purchasing capabilities as well.

To see the favorites and best of shots I took this past year here is the link to my gallery on the new website.  I am only about halfway through the year, but I encourage to come back as I will be adding more to this and other galleries.

Blue Man ad, Venetian Hotel Las Vegas tight crop version

Office building and wild sky, Carlson Campus



Ewwww the soccer ball has kootiesFlower beds Brugge


City Center Building interwoven almost, Viva Line Veaga




And lastly, I had been posting albums of my photos by either themes or by dates of a particularly good group of shots or by trips I had taken on Webshots.  Well Webshots shut down in December and is now called Smile.  It doesn’t make me smile though because the new site is basically a big photo bucket without any organization tools, think of Dropbox for just photos.  I am not investing any more time there and my new website is designed to do what I was posting on Webshots.

I will announce when I have transferred the domain name to  Thanks for your interest and support.


Larry Donnelly, Donnelly Photographix, Donnphoto





About donnphoto

Photographer, writer, manufacturer's rep. Specialize in fine art, travel and architectural photography. Writing a fictional novel (see Ballbrakker links) and music lyrics. Sell commercial interior building products. Play golf poorly.
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