In Phooking Bruges

In the dark comedy/thriller movie with Colin Farwell and Ralph Fiennes,  In Bruges there is this exchange between two characters  who are hit men and are cooling their heels after a botched hit job in Bruges, Belgium.

Ray: I’m not being funny. We can’t stay here.
Ken: We have to stay here until he rings.
Ray: Well what if he doesn’t ring for two weeks?
Ken: Then we stay here for two weeks.
Ray: For two weeks? In f******g Bruges? In a room like this? With you? No way.

Well I got one day in Bruges and it was sunny in a time of year sunshine is in short supply in Belgium.  I think two weeks would drive me nuts too but for one day it was phooking great….In Bruges.

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Photographer, writer, manufacturer's rep. Specialize in fine art, travel and architectural photography. Writing a fictional novel (see Ballbrakker links) and music lyrics. Sell commercial interior building products. Play golf poorly.
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