Over the Hill Frankenstein …. make that Kerrensteen

The scene is Transylvania, deep in the bowels of the lab of Soros  Fund Management  and  Organ Recycling, Dr. Gergory Soros Kerrensteen is working feverishly on his latest creation: a woman who can both be a help mate to his Kerrensteen monster aka as Johnny B. Dead Kerry and also provide a challenger to President Obama in the 2012 primaries.  Let us join the good Doctor with his assistant Lgor.

Dr. Kerrensteen:  So Lgor what took you so long, I have been waiting for a brain for our beautiful bride.   Just fortunate Amy Winehouse  had all that embalming fluid already in her.

Lgor: Sorry Doctor,  I was delayed by some rabid Climate Deniers who wanted to debate me on our stance of man made global warming, but I made them watch An Inconvenient Truth and they feel fast asleep and melted in the hot July sun.  I am super cereal…hee hee …yes… hehe

Dr. Kerrensteen:   So did you get me a brain or not, you drooling baffoon?

Lgor:  I guess someone got up on the wrong side of the rack this morning… geez.  Of course Doctor, Lgor will not fail you.   I was told this brain was from a former beauty queen and small town mayor who met  a untimely death with a moose.

Dr. Kerrensteen:  You fool, this sounds like it came from Sarah Palin, of all the people you could have picked, Mein Gott…. but yet maybe I can make it work, I don’t have any time to lose… there is an approaching thunderstorm….

Kerrensteen’s Monster:   Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhh,  Johnny need woman, all my Heinz sauce fortune is gone.  Where is my sugar mama Doctor!!???

Dr. Kerrensteen:  There, There Johnny your bride-to-be will be ready soon.

Kerrensteen’s Monster:  You know what I like, she must have a European accent, be a bleeding heart liberal, and be loaded with more money than Fort Knox, wasn’t Arianna Huffington available?

Dr. Kerrensteen:  No Johnny she was tied up with some AOL deal and she hasn’t died yet anyway.  But I have found you a live one that will have all this and more… I think… I mean yes of course….

(Flashes of light, explosions and crackles of electricity, sirens, more flashes of light, and finally a spine tingling scream of madness and delight….SHE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Lgor:   Doctor, Doctor she looks radiant, like Tipper did in my youth, or like a Nobel prize on a mantle, but her eyes… I can’t look into them.  This is cereal!!!

Dr. Kerrensteen:   Walk my lovely, arise, good,   ja das ist gut….you are a creature to behold … I think… those eyes I have seen them somewhere before…

Kerrensteen’s Monster:  It was on the cover of Newsweek… you have gotten me Michelle Bachmann as my .. wife… ARgrrrheeeeeeehhhhhhhh   (Sounds of carnage and mass destruction.)

Dr. Kerrensteen:   No wait Johnny, you got it all wrong… talk my lovely … tell Johnny he is wrong!

Bride of Kerrensteen:  Is that gas I smell, hope its carbon dioxide you know cuz  there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.

Lgor:  I didn’t just hear that did I …. Oh my God this is triple cereal.

Kerrensteen’s Monster:   If you smelt it you dealt it… Doctor you douche bag you have created me a tea baggett.   I will run you over like the swift boaters run over me…. arrgggheheheh…. look at this face, is this a face of a happy monster, tell me…..

Frau Hillicher:   Doctor,  if Johnny isn’t happy wift this teabagging whore, than maybe a woman rich in wisdom and experience would better suit him, Ja?  I know vhat to do vhen I gets that 3am call, if you gittens mein drift, you big stiff you…..

Everybody else:   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  (sounds of horses in the distant neighing loudly)



About donnphoto

Photographer, writer, manufacturer's rep. Specialize in fine art, travel and architectural photography. Writing a fictional novel (see Ballbrakker links) and music lyrics. Sell commercial interior building products. Play golf poorly. www.donnphoto.com
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