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Random Abstract for August

Whew, just made it under the wire for this month’s abstract.  Have a seat and hope for a better season next year if you are a Twin’s fan.  

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Outstanding Grad

My youngest graduating and leaving me an empty nester, sniff.

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Ripple Effect

I have had alot of good luck going to this lake in the late evening, this shot was one that really grabbed me.  Dad with his girls doing some late day fishing. 

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Plorking: Tragedy strikes when two crazes merge

You knew this might happen.  Two internet fed crazes collide with disastrous consequences.  Myles P. Duckencover decided to combine a couple of his favorite  internet fads.  Planking and forking.  He had a flash mob set up to meet at his … Continue reading

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New York State of Mind: Leftover Nuggets; the non chicken variety

When I posted my NYS of mind series I did a quick photoshop of photos I thought were the strongest representation of the trip, but there were many others I took and wanted to share some of those that didn’t … Continue reading

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How I learnt to Photoshop so good, and speak even gooder

Sure I give you all my damn secrets if the price is right… alas  I give it away free cuz that’s just the way I like to think I am …. You Suck at Photoshop, this episode is best viewed … Continue reading

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Sing that funky Opera white girl.

A little outdoor opera one warmish Saturday outside the Guthrie Theater this summer. She could belt it out, right, girl.

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A stand up Fly

A photo that stands on its own…

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Over the Hill Frankenstein …. make that Kerrensteen

The scene is Transylvania, deep in the bowels of the lab of Soros  Fund Management  and  Organ Recycling, Dr. Gergory Soros Kerrensteen is working feverishly on his latest creation: a woman who can both be a help mate to his … Continue reading

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Damn, Biden was right

When Joe “where’s my rent money Mr. Secret Service Agent man” Biden called the Tea Party a bunch of terrorists I thought how over the top can you get, even for Joey boy.   But then I came across this photo … Continue reading

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