My Precious, that’s not a hemorrhoid you feel, but my big hairy foot, you Troll you.

Mr. McCainPrecious.   Nice of you to turn back into the RINO you were in the past.  Thanks for attacking your own party members more than your opponent in the 2008 election thus giving the election to worst person who could take the job at this time in history.   Thanks to the one (or more apt number two) who’d rather spoon with Joe Mentum Lieberhosen than a conservative republican. I thank you for your service to this country and the suffering you had to endure but your speech yesterday condemns you to my wish list of term limit politicians who should been sent back to civilian life years ago.

Retire old man and bed down at one of your six or seven homes with Cindy the robo-trophy-wife feeding you figs and stroking your grey mane as you babble about climate change or evil tea party-ers. I hope my big hairy hobbit foot doesn’t tickle you Ahole.

No Love,

From a non-admiring Tea Party guy.

PS  If you want a realistic assessment of how the Tea Party should be handling the debt ceiling crisis go to this video of Charles Krauthammer’s view:


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