The Story of Puppy #7 Chapter Two: I’m so Busted

Details from Puppy #7:I was waken rudely from one of my nine brothers or sisters with a nip to my foot, letting me know it was “recess” time. That magic time we get out of our little “cell” and get to romp in the great outdoors. My new teeth felt like they needed a rawhide bone the size of New Jersey and my siblings were beginning to smell like Newark. The patio door opened and we tumbled out like sailors on shore leave. I sniffed some grass, chased puppy number #4 for a while, took care of some urgent biological needs when my eyes layed upon the garden of Eden or as my teeth were putting it.. the garden of Eating. Literally thousands of tasty, crunchy green morsels spread out before me like a Mothers Day brunch. Hum, Hum… and soon I was enjoying toss green delights when I looked up and damn, there was Mr. Big, the warden, keeper of the kibble dish and main pooh picker upper, looking down at me. “Hey” I said to Mr. Big, non-chalantly. “Nice garden you got here, but I thought I needed to do a little weeding…”Mr. Big didn’t wouldn’t hear anything more, and boom back to puppy pound I went. Well I will be back and bringing #3 and #5 with me this time. For now though do you mind if you get off my tail #2?


About donnphoto

Photographer, writer, manufacturer's rep. Specialize in fine art, travel and architectural photography. Writing a fictional novel (see Ballbrakker links) and music lyrics. Sell commercial interior building products. Play golf poorly.
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