Mr. Dithers goes to Washington

I have tried to keep politics to a minimum here, but I am getting to the breaking point with the bumbling crew in the White House and Congress and just anywhere there are elected officials.   But never has there been a time we needed someone who could lead and offer a vision to restore the values and compose policies that encouraged growth, business development,  reduce waste and scope of goverment and be able to navigate the upheavals facing the World.  But no we elected a guy who reads a teleprompter real good,  campaigns and promotes himself excellently,  loves the perks of being president, can delegate like no other (being President means never having to break a sweat) , has the philosophy/world view of ultra liberal social studies profession and is so totally inept at leading anything more than a local petition drive.  This ladies and gentlemen is not a World Leader.

I could give scores of examples over the last two years,  but heck the last few weeks should suffice:

The day after the incredible destruction of parts of Japan, his Saturday radio address covers inequality in pay for woman, but nary a word on the disaster in Japan.

The on and off again war, kinetic action, humanitarian mission,  or whatever that thing is Libya is, was so important to Mr. Dithers he goes on a overseas trip to sightsee…. I mean political mission to South America.  I think working with these countries, especially Brazil  is important but couldn’t that trip be rescheduled?  Though I think he might be positioning himself to do predictions on the next World Cup competition picking up some soccer tips and inside info.

No movement of developing energy here in the United States, rather Mr. Dithers seems to be trying to keep it from growing instead.  But Brazil we are all behind you on your efforts to develop oil reserves off shore.  My God this man, like the woman says in the State Farm Commercial, makes my head numb.

And he loves to tackle that debt issue throwing a 2 billion bone every other week as the debt grows many times that during the same span of time.   WTF  er winning the future is a swell slogan but green energy jobs and growing the government is the not the answer.

But Dithers knows his brackets   this excerpt from the Atlantic website :

Don’t know if you all have been keeping up, but Obama’s NCAA tourney bracket is in the top 0.3% of all 5 million ESPN bracket pickers. It’s a revealing bracket.


By the way Teary Deary Boehner if you don’t get your side moving on doing some real cutting on the budget soon,  in 2012 we will be hopefully throwing even more of the Bum(stead)s out on both sides of the aisle and taking your boss Mr. Dithers with them.

Good luck…. we need some badly.


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