Your Fall of Falls Part III

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Your Fall of Falls – Part II

More from the great color show of 2014:


Fall Leaf mix, Plymouth

Fall reflection thru cattail reeds, Baker Park

Falls colors in Black River State Park

Fuzzy leaves, Baker Park Reserve

Junior on Parkers Lake path

Maple Canopy, Plymouth

Maple Leaf sunshine

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Your Fall of Falls – Part one

From last fall one of the best shows of color in Minnesota that I have seen. This year was good, but I was so busy I didn’t get to document any of it. But here are some from the Fall light show of 2014.

Fall forest, Parkers Lake

Ever green boughs with

Crimson hide tide of leaves, Baker Park

Canopy of yellow 002, Baker Park

Bleached birch Black River State Forest WI

Baker Park landscape at dusk

A sliver of a Fall reflection, Baker Park Reserve

Baker Park in full Fall splendor, Fall 2014

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Junior My photo Lab

Junior our second labrador (hence he was the Junior) passed on to the big dog park in the sky today.  He was with us for 13 years and for many of those years was my excuse and companion on photo excursions, getting to photograph in great depth the parks near my Plymouth, MN home.  He photobombed some of my shots and often was an unwitting model.  But he took me to some great shots, but I never got him to carry the camera bag.  One of the last photo trips was to a local park reserve for some great shots of Fall color last year.  I pushed him harder than I should and he was barely able to walk at the end.  I knew my photo lab was going to be shutting down, but it was a good run for many years.  So here is Junior during the Photo Lab years. Love you June June.

Artistic Junior Boxer Pillow #3 Copy of Here comes the Plow, March snowstorm 07 Junior Grass Lab IMG_0883 IMG_1457 Junior and Daddy Junior and Katelyn get acquainted Junior and them dam barsJunior gets a Christmas Ear rub Junior chews in, Christmas Morn 05 #1 Junior getting the David love treatment Junior in a bed of grasses, General Mills Nature Reserve' Junior in WHS woods Oct 2010 Junior meets the flower pot Junior panting on hot Fall day Baker Park #1 Junior sized Junior stylized On the trail with junior Self Protrait of Junior and meJunior after ear surgeryJunior on the path at Millennium Garden, PlymouthJunior on Parkers Lake pathJunior and his duck squeek friend


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Sue Mackie Smackie Okie Dokie

Part 3 of a series of sumac shots.  I better bring this to a close soon as the titles are veering into weirdness. mmmmKay.

Sumac leaves on red alert Sumac Leaves- tight crop Sumac salute Sumac seed heads in two colors Sumac shadow #1 Sumac shopped Sumac sillhouette Sumac sparklers  992 Sumac surge Sumac with effects Sumac with grasses Interstate SP WI The Hills are alive with the color of sumac 007 tight crop of sumac leaves Twizzler Sumacckee



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Sue Mackie still hanging around town

Dance-of-the-Sumac-seed-hea - Copy sumac and granite rock Sumac at first turn to red Sumac brights some dull birches, Crow Hassan Sumac in the back #6, Crow Hassan Reg Pk Sumac in the snow, Lake Marie State Park Sumac in various hues, Parkers Lake

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Sue Mackie’s back in town

I have shot many a sumac shot over the years here is a sampling of some of those shots.

Bare sumac bushes and green grass Can you Sumac what the Rock is cooking Fuzzy loops, sumac branches, Great Bluff State Park Gathering of Sumac seedheads Green vine among the red sumac, MN River Bluffs bike trai 002l Hide and Sumac 'em Path into a sumac patch, Purgatory Creek Park, Mtka So Sumac me Study of Sumac leaves turning crimson 002


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