The Not So Great Pumpkin

A floating orb out the golden grasses of Fall, but about a size of a grapefruit. Not really a great pumpkin buy Linus’ definition I am sure but for a interesting visual it will do.  Taken at the Minnesota Arboretum.  the-not-so-great-pumpkin-display-at-mn-arboretum

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Uffda, the Vikings have a new tribute to Millionaire Welfare.

The US Bank Stadium nears its grand opening, a billion dollar plus stadium which is paid with taxpayer money to about 50% of the tab.  I love soaring structures, reflective glass and bold architecture.  I equally hate that $500 million that gets taken from taxpayers to pay for a structure that benefits primarily  the wealthy and power brokers, but that’s life in America (and why people like Bernie Sanders got the votes he did this election cycle – by the way not a Bernie fan).   The structure dominates the east side of Minneapolis downtown, it is about 3x bigger than the Metrodome it replaced on the same site.   Here are some shots from the walking tour I did last weekend.  A picture is worth a few million in this case.

East side US Bank Stadium Reflective glass of US Bank Stadium 002 The point of US Bank Football Stadium The reflective point of the US Bank Stadium The skyline reflection of US Bank Building US Bank sign reflected, on West entrance Visitors near Verizon gate US Bank Stadium Visitors to the new US Bank Stadium

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American Gothic in 3D, Happy 4th from the Heartland

3D American Gothic

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Shooting Arizona 8.0 – Final shots of Sedona

Shots from the last day in Sedona, it was Saturday during the height of spring break and the traffic coming in was going to overwhelm the town and access to the sites.  I took a early morning hike near Sugarloaf Mountain and a stop at the Holy Chapel of the Cross.  A truly awesome part of the world.

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Shooting Arizona 7.0 Happy Trails in Sedona

Trails abound and surround the town of Sedona, here is a sampling of pictures from Fay Canyon, Cathedral Rocks area and Sugarloaf Mountain trail.  Happy trails to you.


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Shooting Arizona 6.0 – Sedona scenics and textures

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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Shooting Arizona 5.0 – Scenes from Sedona

I am taking a break from the Grand Canyon and moving down to Sedona, a special little spot in the world.  Nestled in some of the best scenery imaginable, it is New Age nirvana.  Where else could  you have a retail store dedicated to crystals.  But it is a hiker and biker’s paradise, as well, and got some nice hikes in the less than two days we spent there.  Luckly all you have to do is find a trail head that often start on the edge of Sedona neighborhood.  Next time I will have to do a balloon ride in the morning.

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