Shooting Arizona 7.0 Happy Trails in Sedona

Trails abound and surround the town of Sedona, here is a sampling of pictures from Fay Canyon, Cathedral Rocks area and Sugarloaf Mountain trail.  Happy trails to you.


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Shooting Arizona 6.0 – Sedona scenics and textures

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Shooting Arizona 5.0 – Scenes from Sedona

I am taking a break from the Grand Canyon and moving down to Sedona, a special little spot in the world.  Nestled in some of the best scenery imaginable, it is New Age nirvana.  Where else could  you have a retail store dedicated to crystals.  But it is a hiker and biker’s paradise, as well, and got some nice hikes in the less than two days we spent there.  Luckly all you have to do is find a trail head that often start on the edge of Sedona neighborhood.  Next time I will have to do a balloon ride in the morning.

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Shooting Arizona 4.0 – Grand Canyon Sunrise

Below freezing temps were soon forgotten to see a site worth getting up for, sunrise at the Grand Canyon.  I think a good part of China was there to view it as well.


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Shooting Arizona 3.0 – Visiting on the Edge

I don’t like heights but apparently many other Grand Canyon visitors have less of an issue.  It is amazing how many areas are guardrail free and how far down it is.  Many were there with small children; not for me.  2 Creatures of comfort, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 A couple of youths, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 A group enjoying early morning on the rim, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 Another couple of kids, Grand Canyon, 3.16.16 Creeping closer, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 Joy of the Canyon, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 Ledge couple, Grand Canyon 3-16-16 Living on the ledge, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 Out on a ledge, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 Photographers on the South rim, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 Raven visiting the visitor center, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 Standing on the rock, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 A couple enjoying the view, Grand Canyon 3.17.16 Sun squeezed jeans, Grand Canyon 3.17.16

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Shooting Arizona – 2.0 Grand Canyon More Rimshots

Do not fall into the gap, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 Grand Canyon South Rim - Rimshots 008 -3.16.16 Hey Jay, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 How deep is your valley, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 How Green is thy Canyon, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 Lower canyon scenics, Grand Canyon 3 The trail below, Grand Canyon 3.16.16 002 The trail below, Grand Canyon 3.16.16

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Shooting Arizona – 1.0 Grand Canyon

Start of a new series of photos from my recent vacation to Arizona.  My first time of any length in a state of great variety and nice warm weather for the weary northerner.   Some Rimshots from the Grand Canyon

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