Bridges of Manhattan County Part 2

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Latest in Bovine Ear ware

The latest in pierced bovine ear wear.jpg

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Bridges of Manhattan Country – Part 1

Sampling of many of the bridges that connect Manhattan to flyover country.


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NYC : A three hour tour. Up the Hudson River without a paddle

Got the big apple to see my girls and take in some sights.  A big highlight of our visit was an almost 3 hour boat tour that circles the entire island of Manhattan and a close up some Green Goddess of Liberty.  Here are some shots of both the New Jersey and Manhattan skyline.






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Outlined in light

Bare sumac branches wouldn’t be too spectacular most of the day, but when magic light makes them glow… whoa.

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Photo phaces and rearranged in phaustidious places for phantistic phun abstract







































Three photos of photo collages at The State of the Art exhibit that was in Minneapolis last year.  Insane genius is what this artist must be, because I don’t know how you have the patience, foresight to see how you can make incredible abstract with thousands of partial protraits and tiny photographs, but it was stunning.  Tried to find who this artist is online but to no avail.





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Freezed Dried Releaf

Spring releaf is coming.

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