Photo phaces and rearranged in phaustidious places for phantistic phun abstract







































Three photos of photo collages at The State of the Art exhibit that was in Minneapolis last year.  Insane genius is what this artist must be, because I don’t know how you have the patience, foresight to see how you can make incredible abstract with thousands of partial protraits and tiny photographs, but it was stunning.  Tried to find who this artist is online but to no avail.





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Freezed Dried Releaf

Spring releaf is coming.

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Geese on a limited solid surface

Spring comes, time to get wet, honk.


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Best of 2016: Oct – Dec 2016 Part 2


nosy-pumpkin-red-wing-mn-display picture-of-red-wing-on-grain-silos-in-redwing-mn river-and-ravine-2-wolsfeld-sna silage-bails-landscape-rural-southern-mn the-iconic-chairs-of-the-uwmadison-union weeping-ornamental-grasses-mn-arborteum winter-coating-3 dead-branches-and-reflection-wolsfed-lake tunnel-vision-graffiti-edina

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Best of 2016: Oct – Dec. 2016 Part I

Wrapping up the year with some pictures to one of my favorite to Minnesota Landscape Arborteum, Southern MN, Madison, and various trips in and around the neighborhood of the Twin Cities.


a-fold-in-the-cloud-layer a-sailboat-at-rest-lake-mendota-madison berries-and-blurry-bark-mn-arboretum eagle-on-hay-bale-se-minnesota end-of-the-tracks-red-wing-mn fall-leaf-umbrella-edina jack-o-laterns-on-display-red-wing-mn moody-environment-on-mooney-lake-02 painted-ripples

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Best of 2016: July – Sept Part II

crazy-reflection-off-sclupture-at-us-bank-stadium green-county-landscape i-have-your-bull-attention-southern-mn old-barn-on-the-volkfest-grounds old-metal-siding-on-feed-mill-morristown-mn rural-uphill-dirt-road-southern-mn sanitary-art tennis-dome-ceiling-study-minneapolis water-feature-on-wire-mesh

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Best of 2016: July – Sept

From reunions to day trips, some summer shots from 2016.

a-dude-from-before-social-media-ruled-the-world-guthrie a-lean-to-shed-green-county-wi a-picking-but-no-grinning-kids-choir-volkfest-2016 algea-going-with-the-flow-creek-in-minnetonka architectural-detail-of-us-bank-stadium bent-and-shot-to-hell-railroad-crossing-sign-southern-mn branches-of-the-maple-tree chrome-curl-sclupture-outside-us-bank-stadium

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