Ripples have ridges

Some abstract studies of ripples on South Lida beach in Sarasota Beach,  where I would love to be right now since it looks like we going to have a real winter this year.


sand-ripples-sarasota-2-fl sand-toes-sarasota-fl sand-ripples-sarasota-fl smiley-face-with-a-shell-creature-smile when-ripples-and-reflections-collide-sarasota-beach

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Sheeps head

One of the great Three Rivers Park system parks is a former working farm turned into tourist farm I guess. Its got critters and farm machinery for haying, and a large vegetable garden.  I got to see some of their sheep inhabitants working the low hanging fiber and got some nice head shots. greener-pastures-gale-farms high-hanging-fruit-sheep-at-gale-farm-3 high-hanging-fruit-sheep-at-gale-farm-5 looking-for-low-hanging-food

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The Money shot

Sometimes you find in your backlog of photos taken a gem that you say “where was this one hiding”.  I think the colors,texture, lighting and composition are just about perfect which is elusive goal of the photographer.   These large lily pads are from pond on the Como Conservatory grounds in St. Paul.  Enjoy. oversized-pads

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OH Noooooo Don’t eat us. .

Oh hell yes, you’re gonna be eaten and a lot more will be passing our collective gullets.   But if you want these cucumber slices to be taken to a safe space, that’s cool.  But you’ll  have to eat at the kid’s table, buttercup, and bring your own play doh and coloring books.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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Day in Door County, a near miss

Part 2 of a August 2015 trip to Wisconsin for a wedding, took a day to visit a favorite spot in the Upper Midwest, Door County WI.  It started out as a beautiful summer day but later in the afternoon a huge squall line come through, which we were on the edge of and missed the brunt.  At the time the PGA major tournament was being played further south on the Lake Michigan shore and it got driving rain and 60 mph winds.  Now that’s a hazard.  Here are some pictures from that day. 3-dog-day-of-summer-door-county churning-sky good-wet-doggie-great-dane-in-lake-michigan gull-dang-it-who-put-that-sign-there its-only-rock-and-roots-but-i-like-it large-thunderhead-over-door-county-from-ephraim-bay pail-summer-fun pantoon-in-contrasting-waters-green-bay penisulas-along-the-door-county-west-shoreline rock-tower-door-county some-of-the-peninsulas-of-peninsula-state-park toddlers-with-adult-supervision

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From top of Rib Mountain

Some highlights on a trip to Wisconsin from 2015, these are from Rib Mountain near Wausau, WI on cool August day with already the hints of Fall coming.  This large hill or mountain in the Upper Midwest can be seen for miles when approaching Wausau from probably any direction.

a-fall-preview-aspen-bark-and-leaves-rib-mtn birch-bark-and-boulders-rib-mtn boulder-on-the-shoulder-of-a-ferner-formation-rib-mtn ferns-along-a-drop-off-002-rib-mtn long-view-from-rib-mountain moss-and-fern-rib-mountain 2-mushrooms-from-the-aspen-bark-rib-mtn fire-tower-at-rib-mountain rock-of-ages-bw-rib-mountain rock-field-and-view-from-top-of-rib-mountain sumac-turning-colors-in-mid-august-oh-my-rib-mtn



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The Not So Great Pumpkin

A floating orb out the golden grasses of Fall, but about a size of a grapefruit. Not really a great pumpkin buy Linus’ definition I am sure but for a interesting visual it will do.  Taken at the Minnesota Arboretum.  the-not-so-great-pumpkin-display-at-mn-arboretum

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