Sue Mackie Smackie Okie Dokie

Part 3 of a series of sumac shots.  I better bring this to a close soon as the titles are veering into weirdness. mmmmKay.

Sumac leaves on red alert Sumac Leaves- tight crop Sumac salute Sumac seed heads in two colors Sumac shadow #1 Sumac shopped Sumac sillhouette Sumac sparklers  992 Sumac surge Sumac with effects Sumac with grasses Interstate SP WI The Hills are alive with the color of sumac 007 tight crop of sumac leaves Twizzler Sumacckee



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Sue Mackie still hanging around town

Dance-of-the-Sumac-seed-hea - Copy sumac and granite rock Sumac at first turn to red Sumac brights some dull birches, Crow Hassan Sumac in the back #6, Crow Hassan Reg Pk Sumac in the snow, Lake Marie State Park Sumac in various hues, Parkers Lake

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Sue Mackie’s back in town

I have shot many a sumac shot over the years here is a sampling of some of those shots.

Bare sumac bushes and green grass Can you Sumac what the Rock is cooking Fuzzy loops, sumac branches, Great Bluff State Park Gathering of Sumac seedheads Green vine among the red sumac, MN River Bluffs bike trai 002l Hide and Sumac 'em Path into a sumac patch, Purgatory Creek Park, Mtka So Sumac me Study of Sumac leaves turning crimson 002


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Jet Packs Pixs, From the Lake to the treetops

A stand up water jet propelled guy JJHill days series










Flipping in mid stream Floating in air by water, Wayzata Bay Hosed, Wayzata Bay Water propellent, Wayzata BayRocket man … well not quite but still it must be quite a rush.   From last year on Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata Bay during J.J. Hill Days.  Continue reading

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Beauty in a water tank shell.

I love to find something unexpected on photo journeys.  This water tank in a north Twin City suburb was one of those finds.  The deer was thrown in as an accessory.

Petina metal watertank, Roseville Deer with water tank bkgrd 002 (2) Fabric like feel of water tank wall, Roseville Tanks alot, Water tank close up, Roseville

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Lines and Textures, July 2014 Part II

Pinwheels Mace disguised as a flower, Millennum Garden 003 Skylights and chandeliers Grand Station St. Paul Snake charmer, purple flower among the yellow blooms, Millennium Garden Water cones, fountain at Arborteum 002 Varigated Hosta leaves, MN Arboretum Thats a hosta reflection, MN Arborteum Street art Manhattan Star of David, Sonya's Bat Mitvah

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Lines and Textures July 2014 – Part I

Potpourri of photos taken during a prolific July last year. Abstract study Hosta leaf - MN Arboretum 002 Glass mobile, Union Station entryway 002 Arboretum metal art scluptures series 003 Dendrites of the plant world 002, MN Arboretum Ferns of different color, MN Arboretum Fine dewey grass Lighted version of American Flag Frame inside the art, MN Arboretum 004 Hosta leaves study, MN Arboretum

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