An Epic (Fail?) Business Campus

When I was driving home  in 2016 and saw some of the wild buildings of the Epic Systems Business Campus in Verona, WI I had to stop and check it out.  This is like no business campus I know of.  To me it seems to be the Las Vegas version of a business campus, everything is larger than life and bizarre take on Midwest life.  The four story barn office building, the overlarge country home, the ginormous office/training centers.   Lots of our health care dollars going into this campus.  I could see future buildings were going to mimic a castle and something akin to Hogwarts.  This is one wacked place, worth a visit if you are in the Madison,WI area.






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And then it come to a screeching halt…

It was like whiplash, the warm mild Fall with its color, met the coming winter prematurely and with a vengeance in late October.


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More Free Falling 2017

Additional shots of the long and nice Fall of 2017 in the Twin Cities:


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Free Falling in 2017

A nod to the late Tom Petty and a breathtaking (not a heartbreaking) Fall season in the Twin Cities.

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Bridges of Manhattan County Part 2

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Latest in Bovine Ear ware

The latest in pierced bovine ear wear.jpg

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Bridges of Manhattan Country – Part 1

Sampling of many of the bridges that connect Manhattan to flyover country.


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