Old School… Church Cemetery

Taken last July cemetery shots from a rural German cemetery near a town called Hamburg.  This is from an era when a headstone meant something.


Church near New Hamburg, MN Circle is unbroken, but cropped Gathering plenty of moss, Emanual Lutheran Cemetery Graveyard and Churchyard as one, Emanuel Lutheran Church, Hamburg, MN 003 Tombstone row Tri cross Hamburg cemetery 002Cornerstone, Emanual Lutheran Church. Cross rows, Emanual Lutheran Cemetery the Mossy arch, Emanual Lutheran Cemetery, Hamburg, MN

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That old man river at times shows some gumption.

July 2013 -  After late spring, heavy rains in late June, the Mississippi was roaring at full spring meltdown levels.  No old man river this day.


Carmel flow, Mississippi River near Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis Light pole over debris near Lock and Dam, Minneapolis Mist over St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis Old bridge support in the Mississippi River 003 Roiling down the river 002, Mississippi River St. Anthony Falls after heavy rains Roiling river, St. Anthony Falls after heavy rains 006, Mississippi River Spillway at maximum level, Minneapolis

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Lowry Ave Bridge Series #2

Lowry Bridge series 011 Lowry Bridge series 007 Lowry Bridge series 014 Lowry Bridge series 015 Lowry Bridge through Chain Link Fence Railings and struts of Lowry BridgeRailings of Lowry Bridge 002

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Lowry Ave. Bridge Minneapolis

It’s nice when I have several of my favorite themes that come together in a photo shoot.  Lowry St. Bridge is an expensive but esthetically new bridge over the Mississippi River north of Downtown Minneapolis.  So my love of abstract lines, bridges,reflections and sun blocked back lit shots had a field day last July.  Enjoy.


Abstract lines of railings at Lowry St. Bridge Lowry Bridge abstract, gap between bridge deck and shadows 002 Lowry Bridge series 001 Lowry Bridge series 007 Lowry Bridge series 009 Lowry Bridge series 003


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Special Places : Parfrey’s Glen, Wisconsin

I have only been to Parfrey’s Glen twice but it is a special place in a special area.  Located near Devil’s Lake State Park and in the Baraboo Hills area of Central Wisconsin, Parfrey’s Glen is a mini canyon of ferns, birch and stratified sandstone rock walls.  It is a challenging place to shot because it is it heavy shadows from the rock walls and full wooded canopy.  I took these shots last June. A hole into heaven from Parfrey's Glen Bark and branch study, Parfrey's Glen 002 Birch over emerald stream, Parfrey's Glen Emerald stream, Parfrey's Glen - Copy Fern creep 002, Parfrey's Glen Parfrey's Glen lushness 002 Parfrey's Glen textures, Purple flowers in Parfrey's Glen Rock layers, Parfrey's Glen, WI Roots and trunk embedded in rock walls, Parfrey's Glen 002 Stone cold reflection, Parfrey's Glen 002 Trunk cated waterfall, Parfrey's Glen

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Spring Preview A basketful of Blossoms

It will be May again won’t it?… please don’t call me May…be.  Spring was alive but last spring,  mid May in Madison, WI at the full bloom of the crabs at their Arboretum.

Blossoms at Madison Arboretum series 004 Blossoms at Madison Arboretum series 008 Blossoms at Madison Arboretum series 011 New life in the Arboretum, Madison Blossoms at Madison Arboretum series 007 Pink and white blossom blend, Madison Arboretum Pink blossoms with white blossom backgrd 002 Madison Arborteum Think Pink 002, Madison Arboretum Think Pink, Madison Arboretum Tree bouquet 002, Madison Arboretum Tree bouquet, Madison Arboretum

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Spring Preview Tu, Tu, Tu lips in one (post)

More Spring color for emergency winter blues intervention.

Embedded tulips 002 - Allen Cencenntial Garden Tulip spread Tulip Assortment,  Allen Centennial  Garden, UW Madison Allen Centennial Garden in full bloom at dusk Tulip Assortment,  Allen Centennial  Garden 002, UW Madison



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