The beauty of the jellyfish, from the National Aquarium in Baltimore.


2 jellies making jolly, National Aquarium Baltimore Jellyfish Series 001 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 003 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 009 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 011 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 008 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 013 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 015 Natl Aquarium Jellyfish Series 006 Natl Aquarium Translucent Jellyfish, Natl Aquarium Baltimore

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Baltimore – National Aquarium in and out Dec 2013

Full view of submarine and National Aquarium, BaltimoreBarge going get chomped, Natl Aquarium, Baltimore Glass peaks, Nationa AquariumLife in the fast lane Grim and Grimmer, National Aquarium Split screens Reflections on National Aquarium glass walls Smile crocie, National Aquarium Baltimore Outside of National Aquarium - Baltimore 002 Tightly coiled scales, Boa Constrictor, Natl Aquarium Spotted and striped fish close up, Natl AquariumPhotos of the National Aquarium, a marvelous place to spend half a day especially when it was frigid December day outside.


A clownfish in a coral circus, National Aquarium Baltimore Feeding time at the OK Coral, Natl Aquarium Colors and form, outside of National Aquarium Bubbling water tubes 003, National Aquarium

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Baltimore Inner Harbor Dec 2013

Shots on a frosty December day from a trip out East last year.  I like getting to places in the “off-season” allows you to see things and have less distractions that you wouldn’t get during tourist season.

A checkered past for the Checkered Flag Baltimore skyline from Inner Harbor area Anchor and the gull, Coast Guard boat Inner Harbor, Baltimore A natural tunnel, bent branches 002, Baltimore Brick swirl Constellation rigging, Baltimore Harbor Corner of the World Trade building Baltimore Crows nest and World Trade Building in Baltimore Details of Seven Knoll Lighthouse, Baltimore Harbor Oh Domino, Baltimore Harbor area Serpentine shapes of paddle boats in dock Seven Knoll Lighthouse, Baltimore Harbor Warp Bleed reflection, building in Baltimore


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Phase Change II

Fall reflection on wintery landscape 002 Frosted fall forest, Plymouth Creek Park Frosted limbs , Plymouth Creek Park 004 Frosted limbs and Fall leaves, Plymouth Creek Park Shimmer Shiver its winter snow cover branches and leaves, Plymouth creek

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Phase Change.1 Fall to Winter 2013

I like to photograph the physical change between Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring, where we go from liquid precipitation to solid and then vice versa.  Last Fall was ideal with a very late Fall colors, a hangover from our late start to Spring and a early snowfall.  It made for brightest snowy forest I have ever seen.  A little yellow in the snowy woods, Plymouth Creek Park A winter walkway into a Fall Forest, Plymouth Creek Fall above and winter below Golden snow 002 Half and Half season wise Maple leaf yellow cluster, Ply Creek Park Maple snowrup

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Half in the Bag

A shadow of a water bottle against a grocery bag.  Half in the bag Shadow bottle

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The Wall , The Railing, The Ceiling : Lines of Oct. 2013

Glasswall of a bank on the Capitol Square in Madison, WI.

Glasswall near the Capitol mall Madison 003Railing on the terrace of the Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison overlooking Lake Monona.

Railing and wave action Lake Monona, Madison, WI 003Ceiling in Logan Airport Terminal, Boston

Logan Ceiling

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