Going to Miami, Beach that is …Two

Sunrise on Miami Beach Stormy morning, empty beach Running north on South Beach Port Hole Path up from South Beach, Miami iphone Open trellis in Miami Park Morning over Miami Miami architecture, curved facades beachfront hotel Miami architecture, Art Deco looking hotel Early morning Miami Beach

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Going to Miami, Beach that is.

A new gallery on my website:  www.donnphoto.photoshelter.com/gallery/Going-to-Miami-Beach-that-is/G0000zc5fczBkQwU/C0000yFbTAuhXcDK

Here are some photos from that album:


All American guard shack, Miami Beach Art deco Mecca Miami Beach Balconies over Miami beach Beach booths on Miami Beach 002 Bright buildings on Ocean Dr. South Beach Miami Chillin and crusing Miami Beach scene Condo balconies on Miami Beach Gull dome, Miami Beach Lines in Black and white, Miami Beach Hotel 002 Miami architecture, Art Deco detail Miami architecture, Ritz Plaza Miami Beach selfie Miami skyline from the airpor 002t One big trellis, Miami Beach


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Sky High

Photos from the atmosphere of last August. A golden lining 002 A handful of pink sky iphone An evergreen rainbow Extra fine sky002 Green roof, shiny skylight, Lebanon Hills Regional Park M-16 and bracklets, WI Vietnam Vet Memorial Osprey alights on good view Pink sky parts the storm Straight as an arrow, Racine Marina 002 Sweaty backboard, my front yard Wisconsin bluffs, looking south from Neillsville Vet Memorial 002

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Special Places: Little Abstracts on the Prairie, General Mills Nature Reserve

A hidden gem in plain sight.  A nature reserve carved out near a major interchange and surrounded by the General Mills campus and apts.  I have taken some great shots of wild grasses and these photos from later summer during wildflower season.

Weeds in the water currents, General Mills Nature Reserve Spokes and spindles GenMills NatReserve Purple blooms majesty and exploding grass fireworks, GenMills NatRsv Spokes and spindles GenMills NatReserve 003 Sunflowers and weeping leaves Purple prairie flowers to be id later, Gen Mills NatReserve Prairie study, grasses, purple prairie clover,  Gen Mills Nat Reserve Sunflowers in the tall grass 002 Gen Mills NatReserve Seed covered plant, General Mills Nature Reserve

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Permanent Storage

Taken in a Public Storage facility ala  like the places featured on TV’s Storage Wars.  The  photo reminds me of the stories of those with near death experience where the near dead describe heading towards the White Light.  Hence Permanent Storage.   Just hope Barry buys your locker.

Permanent Storage

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Under the Broadwalk, so last century.

Some day a new generation won’t know what a boardwalk is anymore.  What will they call these new plastic modular versions?  Injection molded walkway?  Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  But they look  very photogenic in late day light, if not as earthy as the old school wood boards.  See you under the plastic path … boardwalk.


Bench on the edge of the tamarack bog, Carver Park Reserve Horsetails and the boardwalk, Carver Regional Park Pattern of plastic boardwalk close up Pattern of plastic broadwalk, Carver Regional Park Plastics and nature, meet again, Carver Regional Park Plant along the boardwalkInto the Heart of Darkness, Elm Creek Park

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Draggin’ the line, dragonfly

Dragging the fly

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